The pioneers of Inbound Marketing in Romania

Beans United was founded in January 2014 out of the need of creating a new type of marketing, a non intrusive one, that doesn’t force itself into people’s lives, but offers them a remarkable experience during each step of the buying process.

Over 44% of the emails that are sent during a direct mail campaign never get to be read, while 86% of the people change the channel during commercials.

Many companies aren’t able to obtain the growth they desire and they get stuck in old ways of generating leads.

What is different about us?


We implement a unique methodology for attracting the right buyers, starting with the content they want to read and progressing gradually towards the moment they decide to purchase.


We blend the know how with the proper technology. As a Hubspot Platinum partner, world leader in marketing automation, we set up automated communications with customers and potential clients in a customized way, using smart content that adapts to each Buyer Persona.


We work in an open, transparent way, providing regular status updates and focusing on creating a long-lasting relationship with the companies we collaborate with. We are also recommended by the satisfaction survey we conducted last year which ranked us at 4.8 out of 5.

Our work recommended us to become a HubSpot Platinum Partner

In 2018, the results of our team, the certifications we obtained and our client satisfaction rate led us to become a HubSpot Platinum Partner, thus becoming the strongest inbound marketing hub in Eastern Europe. Our team’s achievements are the result of continuous learning and willingness to test new things.

Beans United became a HubSpot Partner in 2014 and have been instrumental in educating the Eastern European Market in Inbound Marketing, as well as helping dozens of companies successfully implement and see ROI with HubSpot. Andreea and her team are professional, experienced, well trained and very personable. They have been a pleasure to work with and I am delighted to celebrate this well deserved milestone and congratulate them on becoming a Platinum Partner.
Steve Vaughan, Channel Account Manager @HubSpot

Our Values

Redefining our internal values was a long process, which lasted for almost 2 years. The internal culture gets to develop, one way or another. The values we have are deeply rooted in everything we’re doing, both for ourselves and for the companies we work with.


We are constantly adapting to our customers’ requirements and to the changes that occur in the market. We work together in a collaborative, creative, result-oriented way.


We understand and accept the fact that each person is different. We show flexibility when we try to see things from other people’s perspectives and we are open to opinions that are different from ours.


We work with passion, we give our best to obtain the best results and we’re constantly growing both personally and professionally, stepping out of our comfort zone.

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