Your B2B Marketing Partner for Sustainable Growth

We specialize in HubSpot CRM implementation for over 10 years and provide results-oriented digital marketing services: lead generation campaigns, customer retention programs, alignment of processes between marketing and sales.


The most important HubSpot partner in Eastern Europe

Beans United was created out of the desire to provide companies a new type of communication, one based on meaningful and educational content.

We wish to offer a natural brand-consumer interaction in an online environment that is full of intrusive messages.

We believe that marketing efforts are successful in the long run as long as they are based on the principles of inbound marketing. We aim to grow together by offering prospects a pleasant experience in the buying cycle, by providing the right content at the right moment.


We’re offering you a complete inbound marketing program

Over the years, we have constantly created and improved our lead generation program based on the HubSpot inbound marketing methodology, which was adapted to the local market and adjusted for each customer’s needs.

Our program combines HubSpot's technology with the know-how and competences provided by each of our team’s members:









Providing value to your target audience in the buying process

We are creating the right content from the moment your prospects realise they have a certain need or problem, until they become marketing qualified leads, customers and even brand ambassadors.

    • Content Marketing
    • Blogging
    • SEO
    • Social Media
    • Paid Media
    • Webinars
    • Ebooks
    • Guides
    • Landing pages
    • Forms
    • Call To Actions
    • Lead nurturing
    • Email Marketing
    • SEO
    • Lead Scoring
    • Lead profiling
    • NPS
    • Customer loyalty programs
    • Email Marketig
    • Personalization
    • Offers

Our process focuses
on maximising results

For each Buyer Persona, we’re using a core process that helps us maximise the results we obtain with our inbound marketing program.

Every step of the process is essential for generating results and it all starts with understanding your company, your services and products and how your Buyer Persona interacts with them.


Set-up & Strategy

We get to really know your business, decide on the best strategic directions and work on the technical settings.

Execution & Monthly sprints

We develop and implement campaigns that generate the marketing results we are looking to achieve. We keep you updated on their status on a weekly and monthly basis.

Our results helped us become a 
HubSpot Platinum Partner

In 2018, our team’s results, the certifications we passed and our client satisfaction rate helped us become the only Platinum tiered partner in Eastern Europe. Our team’s achievements are the result of our continuous learning and willingness to test new things.

Beans United became a HubSpot Partner in 2014 and have been instrumental in educating the Eastern European Market in Inbound Marketing, as well as helping dozens of companies successfully implement and see ROI with HubSpot. Andreea and her team are professional, experienced, well trained and very personable. They have been a pleasure to work with and I am delighted to celebrate this well deserved milestone and congratulate them on becoming a Platinum Partner.
Steve Vaughan, Channel Account Manager @HubSpot

We grow together with our customers

We work with companies that have a complex buying cycle and a real need to generate more qualified leads for their sales teams. Our customers are open to a new way of working, one in which marketing and sales teams are aligned and collaborate to generate common results.

2.5X Leads

Our customers get 2.5x more leads after implementing our inbound lead generation program. By working side by side with our customers and understanding their needs, we manage to implement campaigns much easier and obtain fast results. 

Excellence proven in execution. It's not much to tell. For us, Beans United it's not an external agency, it's part of our team. The flexibility, the focus the tech knowladge, the dedication, all helped us to achieve important digital performance. So if you want to win, call them.

The Hubspot Agency you need. One word: professionals. Two words: client-focused. Three words: dedicated, trustworthy, versatile. In other words: Beans United is the Hubspot Agency you need when you're working with Hubspot. Their help and guidance were essential for the success of our projects.

Great partener. The Beans United team continues to surprise us with their professionalism, proactivity, and commitment to get the best results while delivering high-quality projects for our clients. I recommend them to any company that wants to develop a strong inbound marketing strategy, that's both efficient and customer-centric.

I love partnering with them! I've worked long enough with Beans United to say they have some super powers! I recommend them with all my heart, they have a strong expertise in content development and also getting the right message to the right people. A proactive and committed team to getting results, a different agency.

Great achievements with Beans United team. Our collaboration with Beans United turned out to be a real success every time since our first project. This year, Beans United have been our best guide to a relevant online presence and inbound marketing strategy. We are confident of our results and feel courageous to experiment and apply new tools and technology to improve user reaction on the services we offer. We strongly recommend Beans United team for the positive experience and all the support we had for custom integration through the API between Hubspot and our website CRM and databases.

Real experts in Hubspot and inbound marketing. Beans United have been by our side for many years now, helping us build beautiful automation systems for marketing communication. It also taught us good practices in project and campaign management and is an absolute inbound marketing savvy. I really am grateful for all the systems that are running up today, set up by the Beans United agency, that help us work less on production and more on analysis and creative ideas. Beans United is really a trustworthy partner if you want to set up an inbound marketing system for your company. I highly recommend!

Amazing Team to Work With! The partnership with Beans United team represented by Andreea Moisa, was and continues to be the best choice for developing and implementing the online marketing strategy of RE/MAX Romania. Over the past three years of collaboration, the Beans United team has demonstrated professionalism, efficiency and promptness, regardless of the challenges. This is why I recommend Beans United to anyone who wants to have really great results. Teamwork generates spectacular results.