Who we work with

In the inbound marketing methodology, the journey starts from the Buyer Persona Profile. As an agency, we are guided by the same principle: we cannot be everything for everyone, so over the last years we have identified the profile of the client that shares our vision and for which we can achieve the best results.

Since we want to bring value, instead of extracting value, we believe that our ideal customer is the one for which we can bring the highest value and implicitly the best results, using our know-how. It’s a client that understands the inbound marketing methodology and adopts our way of working.

Main features of the companies
for which we generate results

The need of generating leads for
the sales team

Having complex services or products, that require a research stage

Consultative sales process, that lasts for at least 30 days

A sales team which is open to approaching a new way of lead interaction

The need to align marketing and sales

A top management team that is willing to implement the inbound marketing methodology

Adopting the HubSpot tools

Assigning an internal Project Manager, which is going to communicate with our team in a timely manner

A similar vision when it comes to internal culture and way of working

Success Stories


ELIAN Case Study

Find out how ELIAN managed to obtain 86% more leads and increased its conversion rate by 114%, in their first year of using HubSpot.

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RE/MAX Case Study

Learn how RE/MAX Romania obtained 114% more deals by using HubSpot and lead generation strategies proposed by Beans United.

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OLX Case Study

Deiscover how OLX Romania managed to increase the adoption rate of business users by using HubSpot and the lead generation strategy.

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