Our inbound marketing program

We developed a unique program, based on the inbound marketing methodology created by HubSpot and adapted by our team to meet the challenges of the local markets.

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Our way of working

The inbound marketing program combines our know-how with advanced technology. We implement the inbound marketing methodology by using the HubSpot Marketing Automation platform and the HubSpot CRM and Sales acceleration tools.

Our process is based on building a lead generation mechanism for the sales team.

Strategy and Set-up

Since everything starts from identifying the right buyer, as well as his problems and interests, the first action we take in our process is shaping the Buyer Persona profile on 3 levels: open discussions with your team, qualitative research through customer interviews and quantitative research through questionnaires.

Once we define the Buyer, we start creating the content marketing strategy (Content Mapping), we optimise the site for lead generation and SEO, we identify the right channels and actions, set the HubSpot platform and train your marketing and sales teams.

Monthly and Quarterly Sprinters

We plan and implement quarterly inbound marketing campaigns, meant to attract the right Buyers, convert them into informational leads (the clients which download an ebook, sign up for a seminar, subscribe to blog notifications, etc) and advance the leads in the buying process until they become ready to talk to sales (with email nurturing, remarketing campaigns, scoring, chatbots, Bottom of the Funnel offers, etc).


  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Marketing Automation
  • HubSpot COS Dev.
  • Growth Driven Design
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC
  • Conversion Optimizations
  • HubSpot API Integrations

Inbound Marketing Results

By implementing the inbound marketing program, the companies we work with have obtained significant growth. We developed a long term colaboration - 82% of the companies still work with our team even after 3 years.

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Each account is handled by a team of specialists: an Inbound Consultant, a Content Marketer, a Web Designer, an SEO Specialist and a PPC specialist. The monthly fee is the equivalent of a senior marketer.

The final price for the inbound marketing program can be set according to the goals and volume of work needed to reach those results. Building a lead generation mechanism may seem laborious, but it's the best way to build a continuous lead stream, that doesn’t depend on punctual and paid ad campaigns. The results of this mechanism will be seen month by month, year by year.

The results you achieve will be much greater than the sum you invested.

More than that, unlike other agencies, we won’t keep you in a 12 months contract. If we are the rigth partner for each other, we are convinced that we will have a long term collaboration. That is why we only have a 30-day notice prior to ending the collaboration.

The business value you will gain will be at least 10x the investment

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