ELIAN SOLUTIONS increased leads
by 86% with HubSpot


Discover how HubSpot helped ELIAN SOLUTIONS achieve remarkable results in their first year of using the platform.
Leads Increase
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Improved Sales & Marketing Alignment


ELIAN provides implementation services for the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (ex NAV/Navision). As a Microsoft Partner, it provides a full range of services for Microsoft Dynamics 365, from preliminary business analysis to post-implementation support, maintenance, and upgrade.

With over 150 use cases in Romania and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, USA, Bulgaria, Holland, Denmark), 15 years of experience, and expertise in various industries (agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, etc.), ELIAN offers ERP solutions and services at the highest level of professionalism.

  • Industry: IT Services, IT Consulting and Software
  • Company Size Small-sized business
  • Location: Romania
  • Use Case: Inbound MarketingImprove Contact ManagementSales and Marketing Alignment
  • Products: Marketing Hub Enterprise

Since implementing HubSpot in 2022, ELIAN has applied an effective inbound marketing strategy for lead generation, with personalized tactics throughout the buyer's journey to generate informational leads, convert them into marketing qualified leads, and align marketing & sales activities.

86% more leads through HubSpot & inbound marketing

Marketing Hub facilitated an improvement in digital marketing initiatives and inbound marketing tactics, leading to an increased number of leads in the first year of adopting a HubSpot solution.

By implementing quarterly lead generation campaigns based on premium content assets like eBooks and on-demand webinars, they successfully reached more than 500.000 users and had a YoY evolution of more than 86% (2022 vs 2021). With the help of HubSpot’s marketing automation features, ELIAN personalized their marketing messages and targeted specific segments of their audience.

In addition, HubSpot’s analytics features helped ELIAN track and analyze their campaigns' performance, allowing them to make data-driven decisions on how to distribute their marketing budget.

114% conversion rate from LEAD to MQL

Marketing Hub also enabled nurturing flows that converted leads into marketing qualified leads, which were later taken over by the ELIAN sales team.

Furthermore, by developing a HubSpot-powered lead scoring system, ELIAN managed to increase the rate at which leads became MQLs or customers. 

A successful approach that generated additional MQLs was adding a qualification question to a lead generation form. If the lead’s answer was YES, a workflow in HubSpot set the lifecycle to MQL and sent an internal notification to the sales team for further processing.

This approach can be extended to valuable lead qualification forms, as they can provide questions to separate high-value from low-value leads and make existing offers exclusive rather than just drawing in any visitor. Targeting the appropriate audience, prioritizing leads, boosting conversion rates, expediting the sales process, and customizing the customer experience are all possible with the help of these forms. A lead's wants and interests can be learned from qualification forms, which can then be used to tailor the customer experience and raise the possibility of a sale.

Improved Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment, sometimes known as "smarketing," is essential to ensuring that these divisions are working together to target the appropriate customer, increase conversions, and boost sales. Therefore, after adopting HubSpot and its features, ELIAN's sales and marketing teams started to work together more effectively, uncovering new prospects and, eventually, gaining new business:


  • Always Be Helping Approach
    ELIAN created a customer-centric experience for their prospects as they went through the flywheel, and offered tools and advice as they tried to resolve a business problem.
  • Inbound Marketing and Sales Enablement
    Reps used a variety of resources (ebooks, videos, articles, etc.) from marketing to help them sell products and services successfully. Most contacted leads were generated through inbound marketing campaigns, focused on premium content.
  • Consistent, Personalized Messages
    ELIAN developed marketing emails and internal notifications for sales workflows, and increased the level of prioritization and processing of new leads & marketing qualified leads. Additionally, they created Buyer Persona Profiles, Buyer’s Journey and Content Mapping, in order to help their teams identify right-fit clients, unify messaging, and ensure their prospects enjoy a consistent experience across touchpoints.

Testimonial Client

“Through HubSpot, we have succeeded in developing a more coherent customer journey and in better aligning sales with marketing. The collaboration with Beans United has been very good: they are professional, innovative, creative, fast in implementation, collaborative, friendly, and able to adapt and align very quickly to requirements.“

Paula Iliescu,
Marketing Specialist, ELIAN SOLUTIONS

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